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Monday, October 28th, 2013

This week has been another very interesting week. Goncalo was baptized and confirmed this weekend by a member in the ward with whom I have developed a really good relationship. He is from Portugal and was converted himself twelve years ago. Goncalo was baptized and confirmed in Portuguese. It was really cool because I felt like I understood quite a lot. It is really cool to see people come together regardless of differences, which in reality have no relevance. It was wonderful that Portuguese, Spanish, Norwegian and English speaking people were all involved in the baptismal service. The Spanish and Portuguese people involved in the baptism are from Portugal, Ecuador, Brazil and Chile.

It was a tremendous joy for me to be able to be involved in the experience. I know that it was a wonderful time for Goncalo and his mother, who was baptized this past April. It really is difficult to describe the joy I felt, but it is just so incredible to know that you have been an instrument in Heavenly Father's hands and that you have really helped someone draw closer to Him. I know that I am in Oslo now in part because I am as far as I know the only missionary in the mission who could have communicated with Goncalo. That is undeniable evidence of the revelation President Evans (The Norway Mission President) receives on where we should be and of the undeniable presence of Heavenly Father in our lives. It has not snowed yet, but it has been getting noticeably darker every day.

I believe I have said this before, but there has to be a change in the frequency with which missionaries believe the people here will accept our message. I was supposed to hope for one baptism my whole mission if I am lucky, but I have a feeling that we will be blessed with far more. We must have the faith and act. Our faith should never be based upon the number of baptisms we receive nor can it be measured by that. However, we need to act and be willing to do what Heavenly Father wants us to do. I would urge all of you to remember what Heavenly Father has done for us and as you do act so that he can be even more abundantly present in your lives and the lives of those around you. I promise that I will do the same. We must all strive to develop that universal love for everyone. We are all loved, and that is the message we must share. The Norwegian word of the week is en grunn, which means a reason.

Elder Ankenman

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