Sunday, December 1, 2013

Monday, November 4th, 2013

This has been an interesting week. It has been a clear testament to me that this is Heavenly Father’s work, so it can only be done in His way. There is absolutely no substitute for the spirit. If we do not have the spirit, we cannot do anything. Every aspect of the work, and ultimately every aspect of our lives, should be spiritual. Because of this, I am learning how true it is that we must work in faith and not merely out of work ethic. Elder Linge and I have been working very hard to find people to teach, and the difference is clear that we have success when we have the spirit and we do not when we are without the spirit. It is so essential. The reality is that we are not the ones doing the work; we are instruments in the hands of our Heavenly Father to help His children return to Him and be perfected in Christ. The more I understand this truth, I realize more and more what He has done for me and how truly dependent upon Him I am. It is an incredible comfort to me to know that Heavenly Father and Christ live and are anxiously engaged in even the smallest aspects of our lives. One thing that we are trying to focus on a lot is having members involved with our investigators as soon as possible because as President Hinckley said it truly and simply is the better way.

There are some Norwegian cookies and soda associated with Christmas that are out. They are really good. It still has not snowed here yet, but it has been raining a bit the past couple of days, and it is definitely getting colder and darker. I am simultaneously excited and scared for the colder weather to come. It will be quite an experience, especially if I went up further north for the winter. The most important thing is that I know that I will be where I am meant to be. The Norwegian word of the week is åpenbaring, which means revelation.

Elder Ankenman

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