Saturday, December 28, 2013

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

It has been an interesting week. Being in a tripanionship is a lot more fun than I would have thought. Elder Kirk and Elder Badger are both really wonderful people. I am very grateful for this Christmas time and for the opportunity it provides us to reflect on the wonderful gift Christ is for us and the incomprehensible opportunities he has given us. It is a wonderful time of year to remind ourselves of those things that are most important and to focus on them whole-heartedly. I wish you all a God Jul! The Norwegian word of the week is kristi f√łtsel, which means the birth of Christ.

Elder Ankenman

We were able to talk to Elder Ankenman on Christmas. He is happy and is doing very well and loves his mission in Norway. He continues to feel the reassurance that he is where he is supposed to be. Elder Ankenman’s Norwegian sounds wonderful. He is also continuing to have opportunities to sing and play the guitar and will be performing in a church talent show soon with some other missionaries. He asks us to remember Christ year round and especially this Holiday season. In his words “Jesus is the reason for the season and everything else”. He also told us to not be afraid to share the gospel with others. Elder Ankenman thanks you all for your love and your support, which he feels all the way in Norway.

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