Thursday, December 26, 2013

Monday, December 16th, 2013

We have had a good week with a few very surprising changes. We are not having moves until January 3rd, but Elder Wineager, one of the assistants to the Mission President, is going home on the 20th, and Elder Linge has been called to take his place, which means that I will be moving in with the other Oslo elders tomorrow and we will be in a tripanionship. It is very strange that my two companions in Norway are now the two assistants. I am quite certain that I will be leaving Oslo on the 3rd of January for a number of reasons, so that is both sad and exciting. We have been able to start teaching quite a lot more, and I think that will continue to be true when we combine the two areas. I am quite sad that Elder Linge and I will not be serving together anymore, but I know he will be a great assistant.

I am looking very much forward to having my first white Christmas and in Norway of all places. The weather has really been quite wonderful and the darkness is not so bad at all here in Southern Norway. One thing that has been brought up a lot is the gifts that we can give the Savior and Heavenly Father this Christmas for what they have done for us. The scriptures describe many times that they ask for a broken heart and a contrite spirit, so that we can accept the gift of the atonement that they wish to give us, and ultimately so that we can be made whole. I hope that we can all remember the reason for the season and dedicate much contemplation and effort to celebrating the gift of our Savior. I am sorry this email is late, but we took p-day today because we went and toured the Freye chocolate factory today, which was really awesome. The Norwegian word of the week is God Jul, which means good (merry) Christmas.

Elder Ankenman

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