Sunday, January 19, 2014

Monday, January 13th, 2014

It is a lot colder here than anything else I have ever experienced, but I think the Norwegian saying that there is no bad weather just bad clothing is fairly true. I would still say that there is at the very least better weather. Good clothing does help. We also are not outside too much generally because we have a car to get around and have been able to have quite a lot of appointments, which has been a blessing. We try knocking on doors quite a lot, and we also have a lot of people who we visit and teach or who have said that we can try to come and visit. It actually gets pretty light sometimes because the snow is so reflective, which is pretty cool. The woman we live with named Linea is quite old, but she is incredibly active and helpful with the work. Her son Geir also lives there. He is super into music. His favorite Beatles song is Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, which he likes to play and have me sing. It is not a song I thought I would ever sing on my mission, but I cannot complain.

People here are generally quite kind and open. I think there is certainly a lot of potential in the area. The branch is certainly eager for growth, and the members we have are incredible. We had twelve people in church yesterday including four investigators. We have investigators from really cool countries. We have investigators from Norway, Ukraine and Rwanda. We have a Nepali family in the branch that we are trying to help come out to church. This week we are going to visit Tromsø for a training meeting and also Hannerfest another day, so I am excited to see some new places.

There are a few fundamental elements of the restored gospel and church that have been on my mind a lot. They are the importance of personal revelation and guidance as well as revelation and guidance given by priesthood authority. Both aspects of guidance are indeed essential for living the gospel of Jesus Christ. We were invited to attend a baptism of another church this weekend. They observe with exactness and of course without prophetic authority to interpret and understand the bible. They for example believe that Saturday is the Sabbath day. As I have been thinking further about that, I am so thankful for the assurance with which I can know truths because of the witnesses of the spirit and the prophets and apostles to guide us. Without revelation there is indeed no way we can know spiritual truths. Fortunately, revelation is open to us as we seek it and as we study it. Restored priesthood authority is something that no other church has besides the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is truly a blessing to be able to enjoy the blessings that this authority brings to us. The blessings of the gospel are exactly what we wish to share. I know we will all receive heavenly help as we try to do so. The word of the week is åpenbaring, which means revelation.

Elder Ankenman

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