Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Monday, August 18th, 2014

We found out today that no matter where we get moved we will all be able to go to the conference with Elder Bednar, which is so exciting. He is awesome! We also found out that we will be included in the expansion of technology use although we do not know when we will get the technology yet. We will be delaying the baptism a couple weeks, but it will be wonderful. We have found some cool people to teach, and I know that the Lord is guiding us. Elder Cheney will be teaching a beat boxing course a couple times at our mutual, so that will be cool.

Elder Dyches of the Seventy and his wife came and spoke to us, which was wonderful. He was a surgeon and talked a lot about healing. After the conference, I shook his hand as he was leaving, and he went up to me and said you have a lot more to deal with than most people know. I think I laughed a little bit and said yes I have ocular-cutaneous albinism. He said I know, and then embraced me. It was pretty cool. He is a wonderful man, and I learned a lot. One thing that he said that struck me is that successful men and women are always on the move. That is very true. We must make every moment count. We truly do not have time to waste. There is a great need for all of us to be anxiously engaged. I know that Heavenly Father is with us in this work. He does expect us to do our part though. We can be assured though that as we do our part, we will be blessed and things will happen according to God's will not ours.

We have had a great week and good experiences with being bold with people. I am quite glad that the summer is over as we will have more people home to work with. When we expect and work for teaching opportunities we are blessed. We were on splits with the zone leaders who are here and had some difficulty finding people who would be interested. We stopped and talked about what we could improve and then got up to talk to people again. We then were able to find two mothers who were interested one of whom had just moved to Norway. I know that we are not alone. I hope you all feel strongly of our Savior's love. The Norwegian word of the week is en mal, which is a model.

Elder Ankenman

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