Sunday, August 3, 2014

Monday, July 28th, 2014

There are still so many people out there who are prepared to receive us. We are really trying to work to find those who will find us. I know that miracles happen according to our faith and that does not only apply to missionary work. We have heavenly guidance that helps us so much. I know that it is available to each of us if we will only pray with faith and real intent. Our investigator is doing really well. My new companion Elder Cheney is a really good guy who likes music. He grew up in Riverside but has lived in Las Vegas in the Centennial area for a while. Family history work is something the missionary department has been pushing, so I know it is one of the things Heavenly Father wants us to emphasize and is indeed an important part of the work of salvation.

One thing I am learning is how important it is for us to be bold and loving and explain what it is we believe. A lot of people say they are not interested simply because they do not know what it is we are sharing. When we explain what it is and have faith and confidence and bear our testimonies, the Spirit can testify of the truthfulness, importance and urgency of our message. I have had many wonderful experiences in applying this principle. We must fear not and believe. We press forward with a perfect brightness of hope relying upon the mercy, grace and merits of our Savior; I know He is as near as we will let Him be. I hope you remember how much I love you and even more importantly how much Heavenly Father and Christ love you and are mindful of you.

Elder Ankenman

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