Sunday, February 15, 2015

Monday, February 9th, 2015

We had another storm on Saturday, but it was not as long as the one before. We were inside for the worst of it. We have been able to teach people quite a bit and have started working in some new areas around Narvik. We met a Christian man from Sudan who we have taught a little bit. He is a really kind guy. We also have some of our other investigators we are still teaching. I gave the family the blanket and book, and they really appreciated it. We will be going to Trondheim for a training meeting this week as well. That will be a lot of fun. It has been really good to apply the new teaching and finding method. It really does help people know better what it is they are accepting or rejecting, at least when they are willing to listen. It also makes it very clear that we are not trying to force anything upon anyone but are trying to invite people to come and see, as the Savior himself put it. I know that the Lord is involved in His work and that it is going forward in His time.

We said a prayer with our branch president after we had had dinner with him that we would be able to find someone to teach while we were out in his area knocking doors afterwards. We were not able to find any new people, but we were able to get an appointment with a very positive and kind man who has a family living in the area. It really was a miracle because we have been trying to get an appointment for almost two months. I know that little miracles happen every day all around us. God is watching over all. The nearer we let Him be the more apparent and meaningful His influence will be. I know that we have a loving, wise and merciful Heavenly Father who sent us all here in a purpose. The Savior showed us the way and provides the power for us to fulfill the divine measure of our creations. I know that the gospel has been restored in its fullness. It is so comforting to know that the Lord has a plan for us all. I know everything will work out as it should. I am grateful for your love and examples. We must let out lights so shine!

One thing I think has made a great difference in my life and especially as a missionary is the knowledge that we need to turn out and not focus on ourselves. It can often times be a challenge, and I have a long ways to go before I am anywhere near where I should be. Still, our ministry and life should never be about us. It should be about God and our sisters and brothers. Our purpose as missionaries is to focus on others, so it is so important that we do our best to empathize or at least sympathize with others. That is when people feel of our love and more importantly of God’s love. As Shakespeare said: they do not love who do not show their love or as John Mayer puts it love is a verb. Happy Valentines Day! The Norwegian word of the week is oppmerksom, which means aware.

Elder Ankenman

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