Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Monday, September 30th, 2013

I am staying in Oslo, but I am getting a new companion because Elder Bitner is going to be a new assistant to the mission president. My new companion will also be a zone leader, and his name is Elder Linge. Oslo will have ten missionaries because they are adding two more, so we are really lucky to be close since we are often together doing things at the institute center in Oslo. We have had some difficulties together, but we have also always been there to support each other, which has been wonderful. I am still very shy, which I need to work on. Although I have not spoken up as much, I do feel their support, and it has blessed me. The relationships I have been blessed to develop with Heavenly Father, Christ, the Holy Ghost and my district have helped a lot.

I do not believe faith and reason never contradict. When they appear to, it is due to a lack of knowledge or faith. Still, we cannot comprehend all things, so there are things that we must believe and come to know by faith and the whisperings of the spirit. One becomes converted to the gospel through the Holy Ghost. Spiritual truths can only be known through spiritual experiences. The spirit, the power and the truthfulness of the message of the gospel truly defy my understanding. We need both faith and reason. That is why we have them both. The gospel really is so simple when it gets down to it. I am trying to remember this more and more. I am trying to serve all I can and to do so with love. The Norwegian word of the week is å vise, which means to show.

Elder Ankenman

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