Friday, July 11, 2014

Monday, July 7th, 2014

We had a zone leader-training meeting in Tønsberg by the assistants focusing on our skills. It was really wonderful. We also had a visit of the traveling assistants. I learned a lot about the need for us to be focused on teaching people not just talking to them. Our calling is to teach the gospel not to chat on the street. This work is truly urgent and will go forward. As we adopt that sense of urgency and boldness as missionaries and members we will truly see the hand of the Lord helping us along. One really exciting thing is that Elder Bednar is coming to Norway in September! We will be having a joint stake conference and then a three-hour missionary meeting. Only two of the four zones will be able to go though, so I am hoping that includes me, but I know whatever is right will happen.

We also had a really cool experience from talking to people who are placed in our path. There was a man from Latvia who we spoke to on our way to the church. We asked him if we could meet then, but he said he was too wet and cold, so he asked if he could come to some sort of meeting or something. We invited him to church. He came and brought two friends! We invited them to a language course we are having, and they seemed very positive and excited to read in the Book of Mormon. I know that the Lord is preparing people all around us. It is our privilege and joy to be able to invite them to take part in His salvation. I know we will be richly blessed as we reach out in love to our brothers and sisters. The Norwegian word of the week is Eldste, which means Elder.

Elder Ankenman

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