Friday, September 26, 2014

Monday, September 15th, 2014

Our investigator was baptized and has now received the priesthood, which is really exciting. It is wonderful to see the difference the gospel makes in people’s lives if they will just open themselves up and let their hearts be changed. I am so grateful for the Savior and that He has made that change possible for all of us. One very interesting thing that Elder Bednar said is that if we are really living the gospel we will always be changing because we will always be striving to become like Christ. As we learn about the Savior we receive peace and strength. We also come to understand more our weaknesses, but through Him our weaknesses truly can become strengths. That is something I am really seeing on my mission. Life can be really hard to balance. One of the nicest things about being on a mission is being able to focus basically on one purpose, which is the most important and best purpose of inviting others to come unto Christ. It is not easy, but it is almost always quite simple.

I know that the Lord will empower us to be able to be good disciples and to move forward no matter where we are. I know that the Lord knows each of us individually and that His way is to go after the one. No matter who we are, we can and should seek for ways to touch and help individuals who need us. We were helping a member do some work on his roof earlier this week. We also had a Bishop's youth discussion yesterday all about family history work. I know that we are not alone in this work and that family history and temple work are essential in the work of salvation. The Norwegian word of the week is enkeltpersoner, which means individuals.

Elder Ankenman

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