Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday, December 15th, 2014

I am very grateful for the Christmas season. I feel that it makes everyone kinder and more like the Savior even if they do not know the reason for the season. I am grateful for the light of Christ that makes that possible. We have been able to find some kind and positive people and work a lot with the members, which has been a great blessing. Christmas is a huge deal in Norway, so many people say they are too busy to meet or to talk until after Christmas, but we truly are blessed as we show faith and work regardless. I know that God lives and is aware of us.

I have thought a lot recently about the pattern of the Lord in going after the one. I know that He is aware of each of us individually. His ministering is one by one. Thus that which is small leads to that which is great. I really wish to develop this attribute and this love more fully. I know that as we seek to serve and help others that the Lord will enable us to do far more than we ever could alone. For example we went out and caroled a little bit with our branch president and sang for an older woman who we had spoken with a couple times at her door. I think it really touched her to know that we truly cared about her. That was why we wanted to share a message not just because we are fulfilling an obligation or because we like hearing ourselves talk. We must serve out of love one person at a time. I feel it is the greatest gift we can give for Christmas is service. Charity never faileth and is the greatest of all. We will be having a Christmas conference on the 29th in Tromsø. I hope you can continue to feel of the Savior love and remember the gift He is for us all. The Norwegian word of the week is den ene, which means the one.

Elder Ankenman

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