Saturday, April 4, 2015

Monday, March 30th, 2015

I was surprised to find out yesterday that I will be moving to Tønsberg, which is about an hour away from Porsgrunn and Skien. I will be in the same district as the missionaries serving there. I am of course sad to be leaving Kristiansund, especially after so short a period of time, but I know that it is the Lord’s will and that the Lord needs me to be there. I will be serving with Elder Garrard and Elder Rice. Elder Cheney will actually be coming here with Elder Kirk. We had Zone Conference in Trondheim this past week, so it was fun to see people and get some pictures. On Sunday, we had some members from the ward in Trondheim visit us here, which was fun. I am so grateful for the strength of so many members around the world who meet in all sorts of wards and branches. It truly is miraculous that the gospel is the same everywhere.

I gave the Sunday school lesson yesterday on charity. I think that one of the most important aspects of charity is seeing others and ourselves as God sees us, namely seeing others and ourselves as we may become. As Elder Holland once said Heavenly Father has only had one perfect person to work with, the Savior. That must indeed be very frustrating for Him, but He deals with it and always supports and encourages us never belittling or limiting our progression. He has made us free and offers through Christ’s Atonement relief from all of the hardships and faults we have. I am so grateful for this Easter season and for the knowledge that Christ lives. I know that He is risen. It will be a great blessing to hear His prophets and apostles bear their special witnesses of Him in General Conference. I am very excited to be able to learn and grow from that. I am grateful to know as President Uchtdorf expressed last April General Conference that in the gospel there are no real endings, only eternal beginnings. I know that our families can be together forever because of the Atonement. The Norwegian word of the week is udødelig, which means immortal.

Elder Ankenman

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