Thursday, November 27, 2014

Monday, November 17th, 2014

We traveled to Trondheim for a Zone Leader Training Meeting, which was really good. We had some fun activities and were able to increase our focus I think. One thing we talked about is the need to have focused and effective planning so we can really make our activities meaningful. We have already seen a great improvement in our planning, so I am very grateful for that. I think we also have been able to keep building up the branch and have been able to help them to know how they can be involved in missionary work. One thing I am very grateful for is the understanding the restoration gives us of the nature of God. It is a very simple but for some difficult concept that God is our Heavenly Father. I know that this is true. That knowledge has given me so much comfort and peace. It explains so much about the plan of salvation and gives it profound meaning. I know that Jesus Christ is God's son and our Savior. He has given us an example to follow and has provided His Atonement to enable, strengthen, heal and change us.

There is a really cool member family from the Congo who live three hours away in a place called Borkanes. The parents are both converts, and their daughter was baptized this weekend in a pool. They all have such strong testimonies. It is so humbling and inspiring to see how dedicated to the gospel they are even though they live so far away from any other members. They are truly converted. The guy also had blue dress shoes, which was cool. Even cooler, is that he pulled them off. They also brought friends to church and have such a desire to see the church grow. One of the members gave a talk in church this week and was talking about different problems and things we do not fully understand. He held up his scriptures with the Tro er Svaret case (my mom made) and said faith is the answer for me at least. I know that that small thing meant so much to him.

We have gotten some snow, and it has cooled down a bit, but it still is not too cold. I do not think it gets as cold here as in Alta usually, but it can be pretty slippery because the snow and ice are not as solid. We taught a man this week who really desires to understand more about God, but it is difficult for him to reason it all out. Reason is crucial; however, we cannot comprehend all that God can, and we cannot rely upon our own knowledge alone. We must seek knowledge from Heaven. I know the heavens are open and that God is eager to bless us with knowledge. We must seek after it and work for it, but it is available to all. It is such a great joy to be able to be focused upon the things that matter most. I am so grateful for the foundation the gospel provides us. Although there are many uncertain things and challenges in life, God is constant and He is always there. The Norwegian word of the week is fornuft, which means intelligence.

Elder Ankenman

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